The Revolution of Crushed Velvet


Crushed Velvet Fabric

One material that scream luxury interiors is crushed velvet. Its boutique look which has traditionally been associated with royalty has grown in popularity now more than ever. Now being used on Beds, Headboards, Sofas, Blinds and even ottoman boxes. 


It's no secret that Roman Blinds are now more popular than ever. Combine that using Crushed Velvet Fabric and you get a very snazzy combination of elegance yet simplicity. 



 Next Crushed Velvet Blinds

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"Every mothers dream". An ottoman Storage box that doesn't look odd in the room. Rather it adds a sense of character, whilst hiding all the unwanted clutter in your living room. These boxes and ottoman seating are also very popular with restaurants in the city who are able to store extra items whilst giving customers a luxury seating experience in the waiting area. 

Next Crushed velvet Ottoman Storage box

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Next Crushed Velvet Bed


Interior Designers dream! Dine like royalty. The value of these chairs are very much determined by the luxury of the velvet that covers them. 

Serge Living Crushed velvet Chairs

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